The world of A'Taka spans a variety of locations-- from Katari, which takes inspiration from Akira Kurosawa's samurai films and by extension, 1500's Japan, to Atsuki, a desert village isolated from the rest of society.

The movie explores many of these locations and our goal is to immerse you in the world of our story by spending time living in each. While our design philosophy is based more on the past, the way our characters communicate is more modern, made to feel like they're people we could meet in regular life-- apart from the fact that they live in a different world.

Our goal with this movie is to move away from the animation cliché of caricatured characters and hopefully to bring a touch of reality to a fantasy world.

Set designed by @okcan001


A rough map of where the major landmarks of the world of A'Taka lie. (not all are visited in the story.)

Illustrated by Gabriel Cruz

Set designed by @scortanu_ramon


I want to use this opportunity to thank my incredible environment team. Without them, the design of this world wouldn't be possible, and the magic we're trying to bring to screen would quickly fade away. We have both 2D and 3D artists from across the world working on this movie, and I'm so proud of the art they've created. I can't wait to unveil more over the movie's production.

Set designed by @mehdy3dee